Gym Rules & Etiquette

  • PUT AWAY your weights, barbells, belts and any other equipment you may have used during your workout. If the coaches have to spend additional time putting equipment away, that is LESS time they have to provide you with coaching.

  • Punctuality! Do not arrive late to class. If class begins at 5:30 pm, you should be walking into the gym at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class time so that you may change, stretch, chit chat etc. before class begins.

  • Check your ego at the door. We welcome ALL athletes at ALL levels of training. It is important to learn from one another and help each other in our growth as athletes. That is what makes a healthy community.

  • We do not currently have childcare. We love that your children attend the gym with you and want them to become inspired to grow up and lead healthy lives of their own! Unfortunately, we do not have designated childcare at this time. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your children are kept safe and are respectful of the equipment.

  • Do NOT hesitate to ask for help. We have plenty of talented and certified coaches available if you EVER have a question or need a spotter. Please ask us to assist you, that is why we are here. Your form and technique are hands down our most important concern.

  • Please check to see if anyone is using the equipment before taking it. If we are all putting our equipment away after we're done using them, there should be no confusion as to whether the equipment or racks are being used or not.

  • Personal Equipment. If you have a personal equipment that you would like to keep at the gym, please do so! But unless it is secured, we(Management) will not police who can or can't use your equipment and we will not be held liable for any damages that may incur while it is at our gym. 

  • Parking is limited. Please do not park like a jerk.

  • Above all else- HAVE FUN! The best part about this community is that you can come from many backgrounds of fitness and training and know that you are always welcome in our sanctuary of strength. We look forward to building a community with you and providing the best experience for you as a patron of our facility.